New Zealand’s trade policy oscillates to EU and Latin America

15-Sep-2015 # Australia and NZ Source: NBR

International Trade Minister Tim Groser and Economic Development Minister Steve Joyce released refreshed versions of the government’s Business Growth Agenda (BGA) in Auckland today.

The refreshed version contains a trade strategy refreshment initiative which includes an upgrade to the FTA with China, encouragement to New Zealand firms to take advantage of the country’s inclusion in the World Trade Organisation’s government procurement system, pursuit of an FTA with EU, and pivoting toward emerging economies such as those in South America.

India was targeted for an FTA early in the key government’s life but efforts to promote the idea have fallen on deaf ears in Delhi. Efforts to secure an FTA with the Gulf States have also stalled, despite two trade missions to the region, with political tension caused by the cancellation of the live sheep trade to Saudi Arabia and subsequent criticism of the New Zealand government’s payments to a disaffected Saudi businessman over that decision.

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